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Durio 534 KF94 Respirator Raya Edition

Durio 534 KF94 Respirator Raya Edition


Disposable device that covers the user’s nose and mouth and provides a physical barrier to droplets, fluids, bacteria and particulate materials.

Packaging Details: 

40 Pcs / innerbox, 1000pcs / carton
(Individual Packing)
Mix 8 design
Emerald: Headloop (5pcs), earloop (5pcs)
Army Green: Headloop (5pcs), earloop (5pcs)
Raya A: Headloop (5pcs), earloop (5pcs)
Raya B: Headloop (5pcs), earloop (5pcs)

 BFE 3.0μm: ≥ 99% (ASTM F2101)
 PFE 0.3μm: ≥ 95% (EN149:2001)
Inhalation Resistance < 2.4 mbar (95L / min)
 Exhalation Resistance < 3.0 mbar (95L / min)

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