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  Surgical Mask N95 Respirator
Intended Use and Purpose Fluid resistant and provides the wearer protection against droplets or splashes of hazardous fluids. Intended to protect the work environment (including patients) from substances expelled by the wearer. Reduces wearer’s exposure to certain airborne particles including aerosols (only non-oil) and droplets
Face Seal Fit Loose Fitting Tight Fitting
Fit Testing Requirement No Yes
User Seal Check No Yes
Designed for Reuse No No
Note Covid-19 is not airborne and is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks.

We cannot identify the filtration efficiency of face mask by just looking at the appearance or the number of layers, the middle layer of melt blown material is the key factor to determine level of protection, or be specific, an electrostatically charged melt blown. We have to understand the filtration principle of face mask; it works in two ways:

1) Mechanical Blocking - The filtering material has a net structure with meshes blocking particles that bigger than the mesh size.
2) Electrostatic Attraction - Further filtration of smaller particles is done by electrostatic attraction from charged filtering material.

From this we can know, a mask with melt blown material can only achieve 30% of filtration efficiency, hence filtering material must undergo a special electrostatic charge process to enhance filtration efficiency by attraction force to small particles that escape from mechanical blocking.


1) Non-woven spunbond outer layer material for maximum protection against fluid penetration.

2) Highest quality filter for optimal filtration and breathability, meeting ASTM Level 1 through Level 3 performance requirements.

3) Non-woven thermabond inner layer made of white dye-free fluid resistant material will not lint, tear or shred.

4) Soft, strong, sonically sealed ample-length ear loops made up of polyester covered spandex yarn material. With a diameter of 3mm, they fit comfortably and attached to the outside of the mask to eliminate irritation.

5) Soft bond ultrasonic ensure strongest construction, eliminating holes and defects.

6) Adjustable of 10cm enclosed zinc electro galvanized iron wire nose piece forms strong seal for maximum protection and comfort.

7) Shingle pleat design prevents fluid pooling and cross contamination. When mask is worn, the pleats should always be facing down.


The Proper Way to Wear Durio Ear loop Surgical Mask

1) Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before putting on the mask.

2) Metallic nose strip is on top middle of mask.

3) Make sure colored layer face outwards and the pleats fall downwards.

4) Placing the elastic ear loops around ear.

5) Fix the metallic strip securely over the nose.

6) Expand face mask by pulling downwards to cover the chin and fit snugly over the face.

The Proper Way to Remove Durio Ear loop Surgical Mask

1) Avoid touching the front of mask as it’s contaminated, grasps the ear loop and remove the mask carefully.

2) Discard the mask in the waste container.

3) Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer.


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