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Ejen Ali x Durio kidĄŻs 4-ply surgical face masks launching now!

13 Oct 2021
Ejen Ali x Durio kidĄŻs 4-ply surgical face masks launching now!
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Durio has collaborated with Ejen Ali, the popular Malaysian animated series produced by Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd and WAU Animation Sdn Bhd to launch Ejen Ali-themed 4-ply Surgical Masks for kids. Awesome and action-packed, the new Ejen Ali Surgical Masks feature the heroic characters that kids love from the hit movie and TV series. The thrilling story of Ejen Ali tells of a boy who accidentally binds himself to an intelligence device, IRIS, that belongs to spy agency MATA. He then finds himself unwillingly recruited as a secret agent whilst trying to juggle his already chaotic normal life.

Following its debut on TV3 in 2016, Ejen Ali has since been broadcasted in over 50 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the Indian subcontinent, China and North America. Ejen Ali The Movie which premiered in 2019 collected over RM30 million at the box office after six weeks in cinemas. It has become Malaysia's third best-selling film of all time and the No.1 best-selling animated film to date.

Bringing joy, hope and confidence to kids all over Malaysia, the new launch of Ejen Ali x Durio Kid’s 4 Ply Surgical Masks designs are based on the Ejen Ali short animation Misi: Juang which was released in December 2020 on TV3 and YouTube.

The two different mask designs EJA1 in blue box and EJA2 in red box feature the Ejen Ali main characters and logo motifs. Ejen Ali x Durio Kid’s 4 Ply Surgical Masks achieve maximum filtration of BFE>99% and PFE>98%, ASTM F2100 Level 3, and EN14683 Type IIR protection level. It offers impressive features like Superb Breathability, Durable & Flat Ear Loop, 4-ply Protection, Hypoallergenic, and Ultra Comfort. Furthermore, each box comes with an Ejen Ali exclusive mask keeper of different design and is priced at RM39.90 per box only.


Ejen Ali fans can get these 4-ply kid’s surgical masks at Durio official store in Shopee -https://shopee.com.my/durioppe and major retail stores now. ‘Bertindak Segera’ (Act Now) like Ejen Ali’s famous motto to get the best mask protection for your kids.

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